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Edge of Darkness (2010)

Genre: drama

Cast: Mel Gibson, Ray Winstone, Danny Huston, Shawn Roberts, Bojana Novakovic, Wayne Duvall

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Release date: 29 Jan 10

Synopsis of Edge of Darkness

Edge of Darkness is an upcoming film adaptation of Edge of Darkness, a 1985 BBC television series. The film stars Mel Gibson and Ray Winstone, and is directed by Martin Campbell and produced by Michael Wearing, who also directed and produced the series respectively. Edge of Darkness follows a detective (Mel Gibson) investigating the murder of his activist daughter (Bojana Novakovic), uncovering political conspiracies and cover-ups in the process.

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Hanging On the Cross
Craven (Mel Gibson) confronts Sen. Jim Pine (Damian Young).

Connect A to B
Craven (Mel Gibson) learns more from Darius (Ray Winstone).

127 Hours

3 Backyards
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