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For Lovers Only ()

Genre: romance

Cast: Stana Katic, Mark Polish

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Synopsis of For Lovers Only

For Lovers Only is a romance film directed by Michael Polish, written by Mark Polish and produced by The Polish brothers and Sean O'Grady. The film stars Stana Katic and Mark Polish. The film is expected to be released in the United States in June. The film was scored by Kubilai Uner. The film is a black-and-white film. The film released as video on demand by In Demand in June. A FilmBuff presentation. Stana Katic, Mark Polish. It was available in 45 million homes through on demand service. On Monday July 11, it ranked number 2 on the iTunes Store romance movies chart, number 4 on the iTunes independent films chart and was among the Top 100 in all movie rental and downloads.

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