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Local Color (2009)

Genre: drama

Cast: Armin Mueller-stahl, Trevor Morgan, Ray Liotta, Charles Durning, Samantha Mathis

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Release date: 03 Jul 09

Synopsis of Local Color

Local Color is a film slated for release on December 5th 2008 by Empire Film Group. It was directed by George Gallo, and stars Armin Mueller-Stahl, Trevor Morgan, and Ray Liotta. The movie is based on a true story, that of the director/writer's experience when he was 18. Gallo also painted all of the oil paintings in this movie, having "cleaned out his whole garage" of his paintings. The paintings that Johnie (Trevor Morgan) showed to Seroff (Armin Mueller-Stahl) when asking him for advice in the beginning of the movie, were the exact paintings he showed to the person off whom the the Seroff character was based.

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