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Red Cliff (2009)

Genre: action

Cast: Tony Leung Chiu-wai, Takeshi Kaneshiro, Lin Chi-ling, Hu Jun

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Release date: 20 Nov 09

Synopsis of Red Cliff

Red Cliff (Chinese: 赤壁; pinyin: Chìbì), also known as The Battle of Red Cliff, is a Chinese epic film based on the Battle of Red Cliffs and events during the end of the Han Dynasty and immediately prior to the period of the Three Kingdoms in ancient China. The film was directed by John Woo, and stars Tony Leung Chiu-Wai, Takeshi Kaneshiro, Zhang Fengyi, Chang Chen, Hu Jun, Lin Chi-ling and Zhao Wei.

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Zhuge Liang (Takeshi Kaneshiro) wakes up.

Move Aside!
An army vanished through a clever use of mirrors.

Get Out of Here!
Zhou Yu (Tony Leung) is a forminable opponent on the battle field.

13 Assassins

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