Ocean S Thirteen reviews

Ocean S Thirteen
Wed, 27 Jun 2012

The Ocean's trilogy of movies are among the most popular casino movies of all time. For moviegoers that have not had the opportunity to watch the trilogy of movies, you can best describe the films as caper comedies but ones that are move humor-driven as opposed to violence-driven. Today we will take a look at the Ocean's trilogy of films.

Ocean's Eleven was the first and most popular of the trilogy of movies. The film stars George Clooney as Danny Ocean, Julia Roberts as Tess, Andy Garcia as Terry Benedict, and Matt Damon as Linus Caldwell. The first film's plot revolves around Danny Ocean's plan to rob the Bellagio, one of the major Las Vegas casinos. While this appears to be your run of the mill caper plot, there is seemingly a deeper motive behind his heist.

Tess is currently involved with Terry Benedict, the owner of the casino and Danny is trying to get her back from the film. It appears near the end of the film that Ocean gives up all the money in exchange for Benedict releasing Tess out their relationship. Viewers find out later that this is a rouse and Ocean ends up with both the money and the girl.

Ocean's Eleven proved so popular that a sequel was made. Ocean's Twelve is essentially about the gang trying to pull of a heist in order to pay back the money stolen from the Bellagio. Benedict has basically told the crew to pay back the money, or else, and they have a limited amount of time to do so. The crew tries to rob a European casino in order to get the money, but eventually prove unable to pull of the feat. Ocean is later forced to repay the money and promises never to steal from Benedict's casinos again.

Ocean's Twelve was not as well received as the original, but the movie still performed well at the box office, so a third and final installment was created. The third film was a bit darker than the first two, this time with the crew looking to get revenge for their friend Rueben Tishkoff. Al Pacino plays Willy Bank, Tishkoff's business partner and the man that swindled him out of half of the ownership rights to what would have been one of the newest US casinos in Las Vegas.

The team nearly fails to pull off the caper, but in the end do manage to get revenge on Bank and provide Tishkoff with enough money to open his own casino separate of Bank. The crew decides to go into retirement, but not before Ocean receives his "reward" for helping Tishkoff.

The Ocean's trilogy isn't your typical caper or even gangster style movie as the film focuses more on humor and less about violence and gunplay. The result were smart and funny movies that have resounded with a generation of movie goers that love a good casino themed movie.

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