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Snowmen (2011)

Genre: drama

Cast: Bobby Coleman, Bobbe J. Thompson, Josh Flitter, Doug E. Doug, Christopher Lloyd, Ray Liotta

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Release date: 21 Oct 11

Synopsis of Snowmen

Snowmen is a family film written and directed by Robert Kirbyson. It was released at the Tribeca Film Festival on May 1, 2010. According to the Hollywood Reporter, "the film might prove a bit too offbeat for mainstream theatrical success, though it might well prove popular on DVD and cable."

Trailers and clips of Snowmen

Billy (Bobby Coleman) and company meet the Caretaker (Christopher Lloyd).

Billy (Bobby Coleman) and company almost get buried in their snow fort.

The Rules
Leonard (Doug E. Doug) breaks the rules.

127 Hours

3 Backyards
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