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The Cabin in the Woods (2012)

Genre: horror

Cast: Richard Jenkins, Bradley Whitford, Kristen Connolly, Chris Hemsworth, Anna Hutchison, Brian J. White, Fran Kranz, Jesse Williams

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Release date: 13 Apr 12

Synopsis of The Cabin in the Woods

The Cabin in the Woods is an upcoming American tongue-in-cheek thriller-horror film, co-written and directed by Drew Goddard and co-written and produced by Joss Whedon. It stars Chris Hemsworth, Richard Jenkins, Bradley Whitford and Amy Acker.

Trailers and clips of The Cabin in the Woods

Curt (Chris Hemsworth) and company try to buy gas.

Truth or Dare
Curt (Chris Hemsworth) and company play truth or dare.

Split Up
Chris Hemsworth introduces a clip where his character decides to do the one thing he shouldn't.


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