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The Square (2010)

Genre: thriller

Cast: Joel Edgerton, Anthony Hayes, David Roberts, Claire Van Der Boom

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Release date: 09 Apr 10

Synopsis of The Square

The Square is a neo-noir thriller film directed by Nash Edgerton, written by his brother Joel Edgerton and Matthew Dabner, and starring David Roberts and Claire van der Boom. Based upon an original idea by Joel, the project was written and then shelved by the actor because he felt it was not strong enough. It was only made after his director brother Nash read the script and convinced him it would make an excellent thriller. It had a limited release in Australia on July 31 2008, and will be released in North America in 2010 by Apparition.

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House Fire
Ray (David Roberts) sees Santa act strangely.

Ray (David Roberts) chases after Jake (Peter Phelps).

Billy (Joel Edgerton) is unhappy with the news.

31 North 62 East

96 Minutes
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