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The Storm Warriors (2009)

Genre: action

Cast: Simon Yam, Nicholas Tse, Aaron Kwok

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Release date: 17 Dec 09

Synopsis of The Storm Warriors

The Storm Warriors (traditional Chinese: 風雲II; simplified Chinese: 风云II) is an upcoming 2009 Hong Kong martial arts-wuxia film produced and directed by the Pang Brothers. It is the second live-action film adaptation of screenwriter Ma Wing-Shing's manhua Fung Wan, following the 1998 film The Storm Riders. The Pangs have stated that the film is not a direct sequel to The Storm Riders, but more of a stand-alone film with a separate storyline. The Storm Warriors is also known by its English-language working title, The Storm Riders II, a title that was changed in order to avoid copyright disputes. Ekin Cheng and Aaron Kwok respectively reprise their roles as Wind and Cloud, who this time find themselves up against Lord Godless (Simon Yam), a ruthless Japanese warlord bent on invading China.

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