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What's Your Number? (2011)

Genre: comedy

Cast: Anna Faris, Chris Evans, Matthew Bomer, Joel Mchale, Zachary Quinto, Dave Annable, Andy Samberg

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Release date: 30 Sep 11

Synopsis of What's Your Number?

What's Your Number? is a 2011 comedy film starring Anna Faris, Chris Evans, and Matthew Bomer. There have been rumors of Andy Samberg and Zachary Quinto joining the cast lineup. Both Samberg and Quinto have been tried for one role, but some say that both will be cast. Future notice and research is needed.

Trailers and clips of What's Your Number?

Ally (Anna Faris) gives a toast.

Ally (Anna Faris) catches up with a puppeteer.

Ideal Girl
Ally (Anna Faris) doesn’t want to raise your number.

17 Again

21 and Over
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