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Yogi Bear (2010)

Genre: animation

Cast: Dan Aykroyd, Justin Timberlake, Anna Faris, Andrew Daly, Tom Cavanagh

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Release date: 17 Dec 10

Synopsis of Yogi Bear

Yogi Bear is an upcoming 3-D live-action/CGI film adaptation of the iconic Hanna-Barbera cartoon series, The Yogi Bear Show, due for release on December 17, 2010. It will be distributed by Warner Bros. with Hanna-Barbera Productions. It will be the first movie development of a Hanna-Barbera property produced with the assistance of neither Bill Hanna nor Joe Barbera (the original creators), who died in 2001 and 2006 respectively.

Photos of Yogi Bear

Trailers and clips of Yogi Bear

Boo Boo Cam
Rachel (Anna Faris) affixes Boo-Boo (Justin Timberlake) with a camera.

Yogi Bear (Dan Aykroyd) and Boo-Boo (Justin Timberlake) go trolling for picnic baskets.

Ranger Smith
Ranger Smith (Tom Cavanagh) meets a Rachel (Anna Faris).


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