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Author NameQuotes
Aaliyah51 Quotes
Aaron Allston20 Quotes
Aaron Eckhart45 Quotes
Aaron Klug27 Quotes
Aaron Mcgruder52 Quotes
Aaron Neville35 Quotes
Aaron Spelling28 Quotes
Abbe Pierre17 Quotes
Abbie Hoffman20 Quotes
Abdullah A Badawi39 Quotes
Abdullah Ibrahim5 Quotes
Abdul Kalam30 Quotes
Abigail Adams14 Quotes
Abraham Maslow25 Quotes
Abraham Zapruder13 Quotes
Abu Bakar Bashir40 Quotes
Abu Bakr59 Quotes
Ace Frehley66 Quotes
Adam Arkin25 Quotes
Adam Clarke35 Quotes
Adam Jones51 Quotes
Adam Osborne14 Quotes
Adam Rich31 Quotes
Adam Rickitt29 Quotes
Adam Sandler43 Quotes
Adam Schiff41 Quotes
Adam Smith29 Quotes
Adam Weishaupt27 Quotes
Adlai E Stevenson88 Quotes
Adolfo Aguilar Zinser3 Quotes
Adolf Galland34 Quotes
Adolf Hitler48 Quotes
Adolph Zukor3 Quotes
Adrian Belew28 Quotes
Adrian Edmondson29 Quotes
Adrian Smith47 Quotes
Ad Reinhardt19 Quotes
Aeschylus111 Quotes
Aesop53 Quotes
Agatha Christie37 Quotes
Agnes Repplier25 Quotes
Agnes Smedley32 Quotes
Ahmed Ben Bella37 Quotes
Ahmet Zappa10 Quotes
Aidan Quinn4 Quotes
Ai Qing1 Quotes
Ajay Devgan39 Quotes
Ajay Naidu54 Quotes
Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani39 Quotes
Akhmad Kadyrov22 Quotes
Akshay Kumar16 Quotes
Alain Prost59 Quotes
Alain Resnais25 Quotes
Alanis Morissette42 Quotes
Alan Alda33 Quotes
Alan Autry38 Quotes
Alan Bean54 Quotes
Alan Black1 Quotes
Alan Dean Foster31 Quotes
Alan Dundes26 Quotes
Alan Greenspan16 Quotes
Alan Hansen34 Quotes
Alan Hovhaness25 Quotes
Alan Parsons20 Quotes
Alan Perlis30 Quotes
Alan Price19 Quotes
Alan Rickman74 Quotes
Alan Shepard39 Quotes
Alan Thicke25 Quotes
Alan Vega39 Quotes
Alan Watts62 Quotes
Alan Young1 Quotes
Alberto Fujimori22 Quotes
Alberto Giacometti23 Quotes
Alberto Gonzales18 Quotes
Alberto Juantorena28 Quotes
Albert B Hart35 Quotes
Albert Camus122 Quotes
Albert Claude24 Quotes
Albert Einstein203 Quotes
Albert Ellis44 Quotes
Albert Finney45 Quotes
Albert Pike18 Quotes
Albert Schweitzer73 Quotes
Albert Szentgyorgyi23 Quotes
Alcee Hastings27 Quotes
Aldous Huxley119 Quotes
Aldrich Ames60 Quotes
Alec Issigonis5 Quotes
Aleister Crowley25 Quotes
Aleksander Kwasniewski24 Quotes
Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn30 Quotes
Alexander Hamilton29 Quotes
Alexander Pope118 Quotes
Alexander Smith27 Quotes
Alexander The Great15 Quotes
Alexander T Stewart2 Quotes
Alexander Zhuravlyov1 Quotes
Alexandra Paul26 Quotes
Alexa Vega13 Quotes
Alexis Arguello38 Quotes
Alexis De Tocqueville45 Quotes
Alexis Korner47 Quotes
Alex Campbell35 Quotes
Alex Chiu44 Quotes
Alex Cox37 Quotes
Alex North16 Quotes
Alex Van Halen27 Quotes
Alex Winter44 Quotes
Alfred Adler35 Quotes
Alfred De Vigny23 Quotes
Alfred Hitchcock46 Quotes
Alfred Lord Tennyson51 Quotes
Alfred North Whitehead59 Quotes
Alfred Russel Wallace31 Quotes
Alfre Woodard23 Quotes
Alice Cooper45 Quotes
Alice Hamilton20 Quotes
Alice Hoffman67 Quotes
Alice Paul12 Quotes
Alice Walker41 Quotes
Alicia Keys72 Quotes
Alicia Witt18 Quotes
Alija Izetbegovic8 Quotes
Alison Bechdel38 Quotes
Alison Moyet35 Quotes
Allan Carr27 Quotes
Allan Houston1 Quotes
Allan Ray2 Quotes
Allen Ginsberg19 Quotes
Allen Iverson14 Quotes
Allen Klein47 Quotes
Allen Tate29 Quotes
Allen Weinstein21 Quotes
Ally Sheedy47 Quotes
Alma Guillermoprieto20 Quotes
Alphonse Karr15 Quotes
Alphonso Jackson37 Quotes
Alton Brown29 Quotes
Alva Myrdal65 Quotes
Alvin Ailey87 Quotes
Aly Khan18 Quotes
Al Alvarez17 Quotes
Al Franken25 Quotes
Al From1 Quotes
Al Goldstein23 Quotes
Al Gore28 Quotes
Al Jarreau32 Quotes
Al Sharpton81 Quotes
Al Unser10 Quotes
Al Weed1 Quotes
Al Yankovic4 Quotes
Amber Stevens0 Quotes
Amber Tamblyn41 Quotes
Ambrose Bierce172 Quotes
Amelia Earhart21 Quotes
Amos Bronson Alcott25 Quotes
Amos Oz26 Quotes
Amy Grant38 Quotes
Amy Hill1 Quotes
Amy Irving7 Quotes
Amy Sedaris33 Quotes
Amy Tan92 Quotes
Anais Nin46 Quotes
Anatole France56 Quotes
Anatoli Boukreev28 Quotes
Anatoly Chubais59 Quotes
Anatoly Karpov23 Quotes
Anders Zorn2 Quotes
Andrea Dworkin29 Quotes
Andrea Martin33 Quotes
Andrea Mitchell23 Quotes
Andrei Platonov17 Quotes
Andres Serrano58 Quotes
Andrew Carnegie33 Quotes
Andrew Cohen29 Quotes
Andrew C Bradley22 Quotes
Andrew Eldritch29 Quotes
Andrew Greeley38 Quotes
Andrew Jackson38 Quotes
Andrew Lloyd Webber42 Quotes
Andrew Shue43 Quotes
Andrew Vachss19 Quotes
Andrew Wiles60 Quotes
Andrew Wyeth21 Quotes
Andrew Young21 Quotes
Andre Agassi34 Quotes
Andre Braugher33 Quotes
Andre Gide50 Quotes
Andre Maurois35 Quotes
Andrzej Wajda41 Quotes
Andy Garcia22 Quotes
Andy Goldsworthy45 Quotes
Andy Hertzfeld26 Quotes
Andy Partridge32 Quotes
Andy Rooney37 Quotes
Andy Summers44 Quotes
Andy Taylor41 Quotes
Andy Warhol45 Quotes
Aneurin Bevan24 Quotes
Angela Carter40 Quotes
Angela Davis29 Quotes
Angela Merkel37 Quotes
Angelina Jolie45 Quotes
Angie Martinez28 Quotes
Angus Young10 Quotes
Anish Kapoor57 Quotes
Anita Brookner24 Quotes
Anita Diament31 Quotes
Anita Hill53 Quotes
Anita Roddick58 Quotes
Ani Difranco34 Quotes
Anjelica Huston26 Quotes
Anna Faris0 Quotes
Anna Freud86 Quotes
Anna Friel30 Quotes
Anna Held80 Quotes
Anna Kournikova27 Quotes
Anna Neagle16 Quotes
Anna Quindlen28 Quotes
Annette Funicello68 Quotes
Anne Campbell25 Quotes
Anne Frank26 Quotes
Anne Heche78 Quotes
Anne Hutchinson25 Quotes
Anne Mccaffrey34 Quotes
Anne Rice87 Quotes
Anne Stevenson32 Quotes
Anne Tyler49 Quotes
Annie A Fields1 Quotes
Annie Dillard22 Quotes
Ann Beattie44 Quotes
Ann Coulter26 Quotes
Ann Macbeth34 Quotes
Ann Robinson22 Quotes
Ann Veneman23 Quotes
Ann Wilson31 Quotes
Ansel Adams36 Quotes
Anthony Anderson42 Quotes
Anthony Braxton67 Quotes
Anthony Doerr29 Quotes
Anthony Holden40 Quotes
Anthony Hopkins54 Quotes
Anthony J Dangelo43 Quotes
Anthony Kiedis24 Quotes
Anthony Michael Hall38 Quotes
Anthony Quayle1 Quotes
Anthony Quinn31 Quotes
Anthony Trollope60 Quotes
Anthony Zinni2 Quotes
Antoine De Saintexupery54 Quotes
Antoine Fuqua25 Quotes
Antonia Fraser40 Quotes
Antonin Artaud18 Quotes
Antonio Davis1 Quotes
Antonio Porchia27 Quotes
Antonio Tabucchi37 Quotes
Anton Chekhov49 Quotes
Anzia Yezierska3 Quotes
April Winchell25 Quotes
Archie R Ammons21 Quotes
Aristophanes23 Quotes
Aristotle151 Quotes
Armand Assante47 Quotes
Armistead Maupin32 Quotes
Armstrong Williams37 Quotes
Arne Jacobsen37 Quotes
Arnold J Toynbee24 Quotes
Arnold Palmer16 Quotes
Arnold Phillips1 Quotes
Arnold Schwarzenegger74 Quotes
Arsene Wenger22 Quotes
Arthur Ashe36 Quotes
Arthur Conan Doyle40 Quotes
Arthur C Clarke28 Quotes
Arthur Eddington27 Quotes
Arthur Erickson74 Quotes
Arthur E Waite19 Quotes
Arthur Godfrey26 Quotes
Arthur Golden28 Quotes
Arthur Helps21 Quotes
Arthur Henderson42 Quotes
Arthur Keith37 Quotes
Arthur Koestler17 Quotes
Arthur Miller41 Quotes
Arthur Rock24 Quotes
Arthur Schopenhauer89 Quotes
Arthur Seyssinquart5 Quotes
Arthur Wellesley16 Quotes
Arthur Young5 Quotes
Arthur Zimmermann1 Quotes
Art Garfunkel20 Quotes
Art Shell1 Quotes
Asa Gray30 Quotes
Ashley Judd43 Quotes
Ashley Scott32 Quotes
Ashton Kutcher0 Quotes
Atal Bihari Vajpayee48 Quotes
Atom Egoyan64 Quotes
Audrey Meadows24 Quotes
Augusten Burroughs36 Quotes
Augustus5 Quotes
Augustus W Hare23 Quotes
August Wilson15 Quotes
Austin Omalley18 Quotes
Austin Peck16 Quotes
Avi Arad22 Quotes
Axl Rose49 Quotes
Ayn Rand57 Quotes
Ayrton Senna30 Quotes
A B Yehoshua11 Quotes
A E Van Vogt25 Quotes