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Goran Ivanisevic QUOTES / QUOTATIONS
As soon as I step on the court I just try to play tennis and don't find excuses. You know, I just lost because I lost, not because my arm was sore.
Quotation of Goran Ivanisevic
It's easier when you play. You get your emotion out. You scream. You yell. You do whatever you want. You play. But it's tough to sit.
Quotation of Goran Ivanisevic
It's fun to be there with the guys, to practice with them, arrange the balls, do this, do that, but when you play you can get some of this nervousness out of your system.
Quotation of Goran Ivanisevic
Winning Wimbledon was a great feeling and it is still a great feeling. It has given me so much confidence.
Quotation of Goran Ivanisevic