13: Fear is Real (Series: 1)

Genre: reality

Distributor: The CW

Production: Magic Molehill, Jay Bienstock, Ghost House

Cast: Erica Renee Johnson,ted Kirner,melyssa Nocar

Videos: 1
Photos: 0
News: 0

Ongoing Series: 1 » Total Episodes: 1


Thirteen people compete to stay alive as they face their deepest fears in an all-out elimination competition and scarefest.

Pitted against each other in situations straight from the horror movies, the 13 will face shocking surprises, psychological scares and lots of "beware of the dark" moments, all designed by a "mastermind" of terror.

In addition to frightening them, he will also entice individuals to work in concert with him and against the others, creating a situation in which the 13 will not only look over their shoulders but will also never be certain who is real before them.

The death box was introduced, in which whoever possessed it had the power to kill off one to three other players.

The death box had to be hidden, used and found in safety, for if someone else knew they had the box, they could accuse them and be sent to the execution ceremony.

If there was a false accusation made, the accuser would then have to go to the execution ceremony.

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