'Til Death (Series: 3)

Genre: comedy

Distributor: Fox TV

Production: Sony Pictures TV

Cast: Brad Garrett,joely Fisher,jb Smoove,kat Foster,eddie Kaye Thomas

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Ongoing Series: 3 » Total Episodes: 1


"'Til Death" is a comedy about long-married couple Eddie (Brad Garrett) and Joy Stark (Joely Fisher), who are closing in on day 9,000 of their marriage and have the battle scars to prove it.

Their new next-door neighbors are young newlyweds Steph (Kat Foster) and Jeff Woodcock (Eddie Kaye Thomas) - idealistic, passionate, adorable and married for a matter of days.

your operations.

It's a show about new marriage versus old marriage, about keeping the romance alive - or at least staying together so you have someone to drive you to the hospital for your operations.

Eddie is a cynical realist who considers himself an expert on most topics.

A high school history teacher, he's learned well the lessons of history and applies the basic principles to his marriage: all fights are about power, land and resources.

your operations.

A veteran of the marriage wars, Eddie freely gives his advice to the younger, idealistic Jeff, who's the new vice principal at Eddie's school.

Of course, Eddie's little secret all along is that he loves Joy more than anything.

And however brash and sardonic Joy herself appears, she loves Eddie right back.

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