Aaron Stone (Series: 1)

Genre: adventure

Distributor: Disney Channel

Production: Shaftesbury Aaron Stone, Shaftesbury Films

Cast: Kelly Blatz,david Lambert,j. P. Manoux,tania Gunadishauna Macdonald

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Ongoing Series: 1 » Total Episodes: 1


16-year old Charlie Landers (Kelly Blatz) is an online gaming legend in "Hero Rising", the newest hottest video game.

His life is changed forever when "Hero Rising" video game creator billionaire T.

Abner Hall (Martin Roach) informs him about the very real Omega Defiance and recruits Charlie to become the 'real life' Aaron Stone; just like his video game avatar, he wears a protective uniform with high-tech gadgets, weapons, & anti-gravity X-5 sneakers; he also has been given access to a J960 supersonic jet named "The Black Arrow" which he uses as his main means of transportation for his missions around the world.

Along with his next door neighbor Emma Lau (Tania Gunadi), and latest Hall design android Stan (Sentient Tactical Assistant Neo-human) (JP Manoux); they try to take down one member of the OD each episode; until "In Hall We Trust" after she eventually learns Charlie's secret identity as the real-life Aaron Stone; now alongside with Charlie as Dark Tamara, her alter ego in "Hero Rising", as a result of joining Hall.

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