Destination Truth (Series: 3)

Genre: reality

Distributor: Sci-Fi, NBC Universal

Production: Mandt Bros. Productions

Cast: Josh Gates

Videos: 1
Photos: 0
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Ongoing Series: 3 » Total Episodes: 1


Josh, a recent inductee to The Explorers Club (a prestigious and exclusive organization dedicated to the advancement of exploration and field research), will once again take viewers around the globe in search of answers to some of the world's most intriguing unexplained mysteries.

In a Destination Truth first, this season will feature United States-based investigations, in Alaska and in Florida.

Other adventures include a trip through the ghost towns of Chernobyl, a trek into eastern Turkey in search of a lake mystery and an attempt to uncover secrets behind of the Bermuda Triangle.

The team will also return for another investigation of the mystery that last season yielded the show's most compelling evidence to date: the Himalayan Mountains and the timeless myth of the Yeti.

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