Kath & Kim (Series: 1)

Genre: comedy

Distributor: NBC

Production: NBC, Reveille Prod., Universal Media Studios

Cast: Selma Blair,molly Shannon,mikey Day,john Michael Higgins,diane Sellers,nicole Randall Johnson

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Ongoing Series: 1 » Total Episodes: 1


Kath & Kim, a series adapted from Australia's hit comedy of the same title, is a look into the minutiae of middle-class suburbia that digs deep into the daily lives of mother and daughter, Kath and Kim.

Kath Day (Shannon) is the mom, a foxy, 40-something divorcee who finally has time for herself and her valiant search for love.

Kim Day (Blair) is the daughter, a self absorbed princess recently separated from her husband who finds consolation in stuffing her face.

When Kim decides to move back home, Kath reluctantly agrees-but to Kim's chagrin, Kath is not about to cater to her every whim as she has in the past.

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