Saving Grace (Series: 3)

Genre: drama

Distributor: TNT

Production: Fox Television Studios

Cast: Holly Hunter,leon Rippy,kenny Johnson,laura San Giacomo,bailey Chase,gregory Cruz,lorraine Toussaint,dylan Minnette

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Ongoing Series: 3 » Total Episodes: 2


The top-rated drama series "Saving Grace" stars Academy Award-winner Holly Hunter (The Piano) as an intense Oklahoma City police detective with a fiery spirit and audacious life.

"Saving Grace" also features an outstanding ensemble that includes Leon Rippy (Deadwood), Kenny Johnson (The Shield), Bailey Chase (Las Vegas), Bokeem Woodbine (The Big Hit), Gregory Cruz (Criminal Minds), Dylan Minnette with Lorraine Toussaint (Any Day Now), and Laura San Giacomo (Just Shoot Me).

"Saving Grace" stars Hunter in an astonishing performance that earned her Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Award nominations.

Her character - Grace Hanadarko - is a top-notch, forceful investigator whose wild personal life translates into a no-holds-barred approach to her detective work.

She takes every case to heart, especially cases in which women or children are victimized.

Whether skirting the law in order to get an illegal alien to talk to the police, using a tornado as an opportunity to interrogate a suspect, or protecting a witness by having him spend the night in her own home, Grace is the kind of detective any homicide squad would be lucky to have.

Grace's personal life, however, is heading in an entirely different direction.

She lives hard and fast, having numerous affairs, including with her partner Ham (Johnson) and fellow detective Butch (Chase), not to mention a memorable night with medical examiner Henry Silver (Mark L.

Taylor, Boston Legal).

Fascinated by Earl's presence in Grace's life is her best friend and criminalist colleague, Rhetta Rodriguez (San Giacomo).

When she's not helping Grace solve complex crimes or arguing with Grace over tainted evidence, Rhetta pulls together clues from Earl's visits and tries to help Grace make sense of them.

Grace also shares professional ties and a long-standing friendship with Captain Kate Perry (Toussaint) who has recently joined the squad.

She and Grace had previously worked together on the vice squad and bonded over their love of Oklahoma college football.

Rounding out the squad is Detective Bobby Stillwater (Cruz), a staunch family man whose Native American roots serve well along with his quiet strength, in solving some of the cases they have to face.

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